Message from the Director

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds and blessings be upon the noblest of prophets and messengers and his family and companions

Welcome to IRCWEE’s website.

The challenges in addressing issues pertaining to water scarcity and pollution, climate change, desertification, and bio-diversity are complex and there is a need for all concerned institutions at all levels to contribute to effectively manage the environment sustainably.

Research institutions have fundamental role for the effective management of natural resources. These institutions can provide technical and scientific information that should be the basis for policy and decision-makers. Furthermore, they may contribute to building national capacities to ensure a sustainable management of these resources.

The International Research Center for Water, Environment and Energy (IRCWEE) was established by the end of 2009 under the umbrella of Al Balqa' Applied University in response to University’s vision to serve the local community and the different sectors at Al Balqa Governorate in particular and Jordan in general.

The center is dedicated to enhance our understanding of the complexity of environmental problems and key issues. In addition to many specific interests, the center has adopted water resources management, Environmental Impact Assessment and Climate Change issues as special priorities.

The center has developed training programs that cover a wide range disciplines. It employs interdisciplinary and participatory approaches for its training programs, in order to equip the trainees with the most up-to-date knowledge and experience to ensure that they will effectively contribute to the sound management of natural resources

Our team is characterized to be a multi-disciplinary background and has a track record of achievements in the fields of strategic planning, human resources assessment and development, water resources management and conservation, environmental education and awareness, environmental assessment and environmental management.

IRCWEE has been acknowledged by UNESCO as an accredited center for training on topics related to environmental management and has been accredited by the Ministry of Environment for conducting EIA studies.

Our medium term vision is that IRCWEE evolves into an institution that is a “Centre of Excellence” for studies, research and training and a leading consultancy services provider in areas related to water, energy and environment. Thus, our team will be proactive in seeking collaborations and partnerships with appropriate partners at both; national and international levels including; public institutions, academia, private sector and civil society.

Thank you for visiting our web site, and we hope you will find useful and would appreciate any feedback.

Dr. Rakad Ayed Ta’any


About the Center

Director of the International Research Center for Water, Environment and Energy

The International Research Center for Water, Environment and Energy was established at the end of 2009 under the umbrella of Al Balqa’ Applied University, at the city of Salt.

The establishment of the center is the result of cooperation between the university and UNESCO for Culture and Science Fund, the United Nations Special Coordinator for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG Achievement Fund) and an attempt from Al Balqa’ Applied University for gathering and consolidating all distinctive experiences and deployed in its various faculties.

The International Research Center for Water, Environment and Energy aims to Conduct researches on water , environment and the energy in Jordan, which includes water resources studies and energy sector in all its forms ; managing natural and human resources and conducting environmental impact assessment of projects and providing services in the field of monitoring and environmental awareness and environmental engineering designs; and participating in the development of environmental legislation and organizing conferences, seminars and training programs for certification in the areas of water, environment and energy.

As well as providing training services and different consultations relevant to the concerns of the center at the country level and among the most prominent targets keen for the Center to achieve the development of the science and engineering of renewable energy technologies and alternative uses, knowledge transfer and innovation and participation on the national and regional level by launching technical solutions and meaningful which, related to environmental sustainability and diversification of energy sources and water.

The International Research Centre for Water, Environment and Energy making intensive efforts to achieve its objectives and works to assert its role in the scientific arena, academic and industrial as a specialized research institution works on linking the academic arena with the applied arena.

Also the Center has established excellent links with several funding agencies in Jordan and abroad to support its scientific research activities.

The center includes specialized staff of PhD holders with vast experience in different environmental fields (water, environment and energy) and they are more than 80 experts. Also the center includes modern laboratories equipped with capable devices of holding all the analyzes related to the activities of the center.

Center Message

Contribution with relevant institutions to conserve our natural resources in Jordan through training, applied scientific research, and provide the atmosphere, the possibilities, and the right environment to stimulate scientific research and innovation towards finding and providing modern methods and techniques for the administration of these resources and achievement of sustainable development.


To become pioneers in water, environmental and energy research, education, and training at national, regional and international levels as well as in the field of community services, outreach and international cooperation.

Objectives of the Center

The International Research Center for Water, Environment and Energy aims to:

  1. Awareness raising among all community sectors in Jordan.
  2. Solving environmental problems to ensure the sustainability of its different elements.
  3. Partnership and collaboration with NGOs and the concerned international organizations in the relevant fields.
  4. Establishing a comprehensive database system to make all necessary and relevant information and data available for decision makers and researchers.
  5. Protection of water resources across the country.
  6. Promotion of the utilization of solar energy as a clean energy source and an alternative for fossil fuel.

Sections of the Centre

Center includes the following technical sections:

  1. Climate Change section.
  2. Water and Environment section.
  3. Energy section.
  4. Geographic Information section.