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The telecommunications field has gone a dramatic phase of evolution during the last three decades. New technologies are still ongoing and demands for highly qualified engineers in the field are still growing. The department of communications technology in the faculty of engineering technology has the foresee mission to cope up with the real needs of the field and prepare qualified engineers to serve the needs of the telecommunication sector up to the standards. The department was established in 2004 and was under the umbrella of the electrical engineering department. In 2014 the department got separated and was initiated as the department of communication technology. Currently the department is holding about a total of 750 students in the bachelor degree. A diploma stream was established in 2015 to serve the needs for skilled technicians in the field. During the last 10 years, more than 500 students were graduated with a bachelor degree and are now members of most mobile companies in the nearby regions as well as the Jordanian market.

Currently the majors offered by the department are:

1.     Bachelor degree in communications engineering with a total of 160 credit hours. Where most of communications fields are thoroughly discussed and presented.


2.     Diploma degree in communications engineering with a total of 75 credit hours. A degree level initiated to support the sector with specialized technicians in the field.





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