Council of Deans

Prof. Dr. Nabil Shawagfeh
President of The Council

Prof. Dr. Saleh Al-Oqeili
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Quality Assurance

Prof. Dr. Suleiman Al-Louzi
Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs

Prof. Dr. Atef Al-kharabsheh
Vice President for international programs and investment

Prof. Dr. Tariq A. Al-Azab
Vice President for Technical Education

Dr. Mohammad Bani Dome
Dean Of Faculty Of Irbid University College

Prof. Dr. Sodqi Al-Momany
Dean Of Faculty Of Princess Alia University College

Prof. Dr. Bassim Abbassi
Dean of Scienjpgic Research

Prof. Dr. Maher Shaker Qaqish
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

Prof. Dr. Rebhi Al-Daa'mseh
Dean of Faculty Of Al-Huson University College

Dr. Abd Almotaleb Khadrawe
Dean Of Faculty Of Ajlun University College

Dr. Naser Alkloob
Dean of Graduate Studies

Dr. Zaid Odybat
Dean of Faculty Of Science

Dr. Huseen Alkhazaee
Dean Of Faculty Of Princess Rahma University College

Dr. Mohammad Ababneh
Dean of Prince Abdullah Bin Ghazi Faculty Of Information Technology

Prof.Dr. Zaid Anbar
Dean Of Faculty of Engineering Technology

Dr. Faroq Al-Azam
Dean Of Faculty Of Aqaba University College

Dr. Ibrahem Tadros
Dean of Faculty Of Salt University College For Basic Science

Dr. Mohammad Sanad Abo Darwesh
Dean Of Faculty Of Shobak College

Dr. Sameh Abo Baker
Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Technology

Dr. Monther Kreshan
Dean Of Faculty Of Zarka University College

Dr. Haitham Alshebli
Dean of Faculty Of Amman University College for Managment and Admninistration

Dr. Hesham Al-dmoor
Dean Of Faculty Of karak Universty College

Dr. Jamal Al-nsour
Dean of the Faculty of Planning and Management

Dr. Satam Al-khateeb
Dean Of Faculty Of Maan College

Dr. Ibrahem Aladwan
Dean of Student Affairs