About the Faculty of Agricultural Technology

Welcome to the Faculty of Agricultural Technology. Our faculty was established in 1997 to offer distinguished educational programs in coordination with other faculties in the Jordanian Universities, and to cater for the practical needs of the local market.

The Faculty Deanship gives premium importance to improving its student's abilities and insures the importance of sustainable education to meet the rapid changes in the field of agriculture and its technology.

The faculty therefore is dedicated to provide the students the chance to carry out applied scientific research.

In concordance with BAU's mission, the faculty seeks to contribute to the comprehensive development of the Jordanian society through its 135-credit-hour B.Sc programs in the following fields:

  1. Water Resources and Environmental Management
  2. Nutrition and Food Processing
  3. Biotechnology
  4. Bioagricultural Technology / Plant Production and Protection

It also provides a 33-credit-hour M.Sc. program in Biotechnology and Water Resources and Environmental Management.

Scientific Research:

Current scientific research concentrates on the fields of: water resources, environment, wastewater, biotechnology, nutrition, insects, plant disease, and plant physiology. Currently, there is an international cooperation with USAID and European Union Market in addition to local cooperation with other universities and institutes.

Vision :

The vision of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology is to be an Efficient, Well Coordinated and Integrated Centre of Excellence in Technological Development and scientific research at the local, regional and global levels contributes to community service and to achieve sustainable development. The faculty wishes to affirm its position of biotechnology, Nutrition, agriculture and water resources, environment, management and development. Also to become prominent educational organization of agriculture based on advanced research, academic freedom in teaching and training in Jordan and around the Globe.

Mission :

Consistent with the mission of the university, the college seeks to contribute to the overall development of the Jordanian society and the development of human resources by arming students with science and enrich the theoretical and practical knowledge and the dissemination of culture and ethics of scientific research and strengthening of cooperation between the Faculty of Agricultural Technology at the Al-Balqa' Applied University and agricultural faculties in other Jordanian universities and scientific research centers locally, regionally and globally. It also sets the confident steps of the adoption of rigorous standards for students, educational and cadre training and development of teaching in line with the big jumps in global and regional universities, and achieves vital extension of the faculty in the community activities to be aware of the role in leadership and community service. To achieve this mission, the faculty seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Prepare and produce a cadre of qualified agricultural specialist for management, development and modernization of agricultural enterprises through the adoption of curricula that keep pace with development in various agricultural disciplines, and focus efforts to provide an opportunity to students for practical training in the implementation and management of field operations to gain practical experience
  2. Conduct applied scientific research in agricultural terms of reference aimed at resolving the problems encountered in the production process and the development of the means of production used
  3. Provide the society with its highly developed competences in agriculture through graduate studies at the college according to the perspective of the actual need of the community of jurisdiction and the emergence of new scientific disciplines
  4. Follow a policy of continuous development of the teaching staff through its inclusion in training courses, seminars and conferences inside and outside Jordan to cope with local and global development in the agricultural field
  5. Openness to the Arab and world agricultural faculties to exchange experiences in the modernization of curricula and the use of modern teaching methods and conduct joint research and exchange of visiting professors

Facilities :

  • Water and Environment Research Labs
  • Hydraulics Lab
  • Molecular Biology Lab
  • Plant Tissue Culture Lab
  • Biology Lab
  • Food Microbiology Lab
  • Food Chemistry and Analysis Lab
  • Biotechnology Lab
  • Library
  • Computer Lab
  • Soil Physics Lab
  • Insect Research Lab & Museum