Dean's Message

Welcome to Al-Balqa Applied University, Faculty of Agricultural Technology that established in 1998. Over the years, the Faculty has continued to evolve as the needs of Jordan have changed and emphasized on protecting our natural resources and the environment to maintain the sustainable agriculture. The Faculty is a dynamic, student-friendly college with a diverse offering of outstanding academic programs. It comprises four departments, Plant Production and protection, Management of Water Resources and Environment, Biotechnology, and Nutrition and Food Processing. The Faculty has two unique graduate programs; the first is offering M.Sc. in Biotechnology and the second is offering M.Sc. in Management of Water Resources and Environment. These programs will help the students to meet their objectives and to prepare them for a multitude of career opportunities.

Dr. Samih Abu baker

Our outstanding faculty teaching staff is highly qualified and committed to student success and helping achieve future career goals. Each faculty member has a scientific research program. They have a deep sense of responsibility to use their knowledge to develop educated and productive students who will continue to enhance Jordan agriculture. The research and training station that belongs to the Faculty is located in the western part of Jordan with elevations ranging from -200 m below sea level at King Abdullah Canal, to 400m above sea level in the northern part. The station has a unique ecosystem and vegetation; it allows planting tropical and subtropical species. The Faculty also established the International Research Center for Water, Environment, and Energy (IRCWEE) to facilitate the conservation of Jordan natural resources through education, research and training.

The vision of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology is to be one of the highest quality institutions that generates new knowledge, disseminates knowledge in formal and informal settings, engages societal needs, provides leadership for problem solving, and improves the quality of life for all people of Jordan.

I appreciate any suggestions you have about our programs so that we can continue to provide relevant and high impact programs for the good of Jordan.

Again, welcome to the Faculty of Agricultural Technology.


Vic Dean:

Vic Dean Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Administrative Assistant Dean for Planning and Development and Quality Assistant Dean for station HRH Princess Tasneem bint Ghazi Technological Research
Dr. Rakad Ayed Al-Tani Dr. Hani Muslim Al-door Dr. Hazem Sharif Hassan Dr. Taleb Rateb Abu Zahra

The Faculty Council :

  • Dr. Samih Abu baker : Dean
  • Dr. Rakad Ta'ani : Vice Dean & Head Department of Water Resources and Environmental Management
  • Prof Dr. Dhia Hassawi : Head Department of Biotechnology
  • Dr. Mohammad Allawi : Head Department of Plant Production and Protection
  • Dr. Alaeddin Tahboub : Representative of Water Resources and Environmental Management
  • Dr. Mohammad Shatnawi : Representative of Biotechnology
  • Dr Mazen Ateyyat : Representative of Plant Production and Protection
  • Dr. Hani Dmour : Representative of Nutrition and Food Processing
  • Eng Abed Al Hadi Falahat : Chief Agricultural Engineering Associate
  • Eng Abdallah Al Shamalieh : Director of Al Sult Agriculture scoter