About Nutrition and Food Processing


The Department was established in 2001 and offers Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Food Processing after completing 135 Credit Hours .


To be recognized as a center of excellence in teaching, research and outreach in nutrition, dietetics and food science via preparing qualified graduates who can successfully meet the challenges of today's healthcare and food industry requirements.

Dr. Jafar El-Qudah


The Department is committed to creative, effective and high quality education, innovative research, and effective outreach programs in nutrition, dietetics and food science, through the high quality human resources, the excellent environment in scientific research, the deep knowledge and dissemination of food and nutrition awareness and the ability to provide advisory services and exchange of experiences with partners.

Objectives :

  • To attract high quality and outstanding students, and professionally qualify them in the fields of nutrition, dietetics and food science.
  • To provide scientific body with excellent scientific research and disseminate nutrition awareness.
  • To provide community with professional services in the fields of nutrition, dietetics and food science.