About Plant Production and Protection

The Plant Production and Protection Department brings together the two major fields of plant production and protection in a single, harmonized and coordinated program.

Our students receive broad inter-disciplinary training in the sciences of agriculture focusing ecological sustainability of plant production and pest control.

Dr. Mohammad Mazrawi

We believe that multidisciplinary training, as well as specialization in Agronomy, Horticultural Science, Entomology and Plant Pathology will enable graduates from our Department to embark on a diverse range of careers in the agricultural field.

The agricultural sector in Jordan and worldwide is facing a period of rapid change and all its personnel must have the skills to meet the new needs of farming.

We provide our students with in depth information relating to these rapid changes in the agricultural sector.

Moreover, the Department aims to conduct research on plant production and plant protection as well as technologies pertaining to them to provide the highest level of education and social influence based on the research.