About Water Resources and Environmental Management


Mission of the division is to provide quality education for students in interdisciplinary knowledge in the management of natural resources that enable them start their careers and contribute to efforts to protect these resources and provide them with technical knowledge necessary for the development and growth of their professional skills and personal in the future;

in addition to conducting scientific research nationally and internationally which contribute to efforts to achieve the concept of sustainable development

Dr. Rakad Ayed Al-Tani


Our vision is to let the graduates of Water Resources and Environmental Division reach to the prestige and high-level competitor locally and globally.

And contribute to the upgrading and continuous improvement of performance educational, research and service to the university colleges of different quality systems in support of these colleges and work with the university administration in this area

Field of Works

  • (Ministry of Water and Irrigation)
  • (Ministry of Environment)
  • (Ministry of Agriculture)
  • (Greater Amman Municipality)
  • (Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs)
  • (Ministry of Water and Irrigation)
  • (Ministry of Water and Irrigation)
  • (Assemblies of Environmental protection & Nature)
  • (Engineering Consultants)
  • Universities (Land, water and Environment, Agriculture and Science faculties)


  1. Contribution to the development of Curriculum for the Bachelor degree in Water Resources and Environmental Section and teaching planss in the section in particular and in college in general to cope with the emerging teaching methods and modern technologies to upgrade the education at the university for undergraduate and master's department.
  2. Research and scientific studies and participation in applied research projects of national water resources management and environment.
  3. Provide specialized training courses in the management of water resources and environment ministries and relevant institutions in the specialization.
  4. Provide scientific advice to government bodies (Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Planning) and the private sector.
  5. Provide counseling services for those interested in the management of water resources and the environment through the preparation of extension publications on the use of water and the environment.
  6. Participation to provide specialized lectures in the field of water management and the environment by holding local workshops to highlight the role of the university to protect the environment as well as publication of articles relating to these areas.
  7. Represent the University in meetings and committees for the management of water resources and the environment, which the university is a member, such as the National Hydrological Programme (IHP).
  8. Contribution to the access to the degree of compatibility between the outputs of the department and the labor market and its requirements.
  9. Contribute to efforts to raise environmental awareness of all segments of society with regard to the exploitation and the preservation of our natural resources.
  10. Contribute - in cooperation with the relevant authorities - in the study of the environmental impacts of development activities and to develop the necessary plans to mitigate these effects and control.