About Faculty :

The College was established in 1964 under the name of “Ajloun Teachers' Institute”; where a large number of teachers were graduated from; It was monitored by the Ministry of Education, and by year 1980 this Institute was developed to be a Community College

In 1985 this College was supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Not before 1997 this College became an associate college to Al-Balqa’ Applied University (BAU).

Therefore, by virtue of the royal decree of establishing BAU, the college converted into BAU’s academic, organizational, technical and financial supervision, furthermore, it is intended for female students only.

By the academic year 2000/2001, the College started to offer Bachelor degree in many fields such as English language, IT, early childhood education, special education, social work service and English Class-room Teacher.

It also offers the diploma in many fields.

By the year 2002 the College also offered a new Higher Diploma Program for Educational Sciences and a new Diploma Management Information System (MIS).

Goals :

The college aims at graduating proficient females in various Academic, Commercial, social as well as Information Technology majors, and builds up the capacity of female teachers to teach kindergarten and intermediate pupils.

It also aims at graduating skilled female technicians and teachers majoring in: Information Technology and Fashion fields.

Furthermore, it aims at co-operating with the local community stakeholders in accordance of Al-Balqa' Applied University policy that focuses on keeping the College in touch with the local community integrated educational process that fit the labor market needs.

Facility :

  • Creche building
  • Campus housing building
  • Administration building
  • Students affairs building
  • Princes basma building
  • Library
  • laboratories
  • lab Area sq.m Max capreity
    Computers lab 485 155
    physics 114 75
    Biology 80 25
    chemistry 100.5 25
  • General Halls
  • General Halls Area sq.m Max capreity
    Activates 420 350
    Students affairs 78 75
    drawing 185 160
    Old cafeteria 112 100
  • work shops
  • work shops Area sq.m Max capreity
    Trico.2 work shops 100 30
    Gerber 65 20
    Sewing 2 work shop 150 28