Dean's Message

Between Anjarah and Ajloune and over the green mountains summits lies a gem that glows in the middle of nature's colors as if it were a star in the middle of the sky.

It carries the valiant Hashemites' ensign and tells stories of success as great as that of Ajloune Castle which symbolizes victory, glory, and pride.

It is Ajloune University College, a college which constitutes an important stage in the national achievements.

It further presents Jordan as a modern nation built along democratic standards. Moreover, Ajloune college was founded to achieve comprehensive and permanent economic, social, and cultural growth and to make a brighter future and achieve justice for the people of Jordan.

Ph.D Ali Al-Qedah

Following all these concepts which incarnate the development of the Jordanians on all levels, came the idea of initiating Ajloune College in 1964 to become Jordan's gate for qualifying women under the name "Ajloune Women Teachers' Institute" to ensure a steadfast move towards comprehensive educational development.

In 1981, the institute became affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education under the name "Ajloune Girls' Community College".

By way of furthering its sense of duty towards making the future still brighter and for drawing a clearer picture and creating more awareness for a comprehensive, practical development requirements, the government worked towards affiliating the college to Al-balqa Applied University both administratively and technically under law No.

( 13 ) for the year 1997. The college grants Bachelor Degree in the following specialties:

Computer Science, Social Service, Child Education, Special Education, English Language and Literature, and Diploma Degree in Social Service, Child Education, Special Education, Tourism Administration, Accountancy, Business Administration, Administrative Information System, House Economy, Fashion and Clothes Technology, and Information Technology, Nursing, High Diploma in Education.

The college received 44 students in 1964, whereas 2400 students are attending the college in 2010.

Vic Dean:

Vic Dean Assistant dean for
administrative and financial affairs
Assistant dean for
students' affairs
Assistant dean for
Planning and Development
Dr. Faisal Al- Matalka Dr. Ammar Al-Fraihat Dr. seham smadi Dr. Wael Rabadi

The Faculty Council :

  1. Faculty Dean Dr. abdumuttaleb Kadrawi.
  2. Vice Dean Dr. Ali Al-Qudah
  3. Assistant dean for administrative and financial affairs Dr. Hussein Al-Rababa'h.
  4. Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Dr. Hmid do'um.
  5. Head of Department of Educational Sciences Dr.Omar Rababah.
  6. Head of Department of Applied Sciences Dr. AbdulKareem Ba'areh.
  7. Head of the Department of Administrative Sciences Dr. Abdullah Harsh.
  8. Head of Basic Science Department Dr.Amal Qteishat
  9. head of the Social Sciences Department Dr. Alaa Rawashdeh
  10. Representative of the Finance and Administration Department. Mr. Iad Hussan.
  11. Representative of the Educational and Social Department. Dr. Muhareb Sumadi.
  12. Representative of the Applied Science Department. Mr Ahmad Sumadi.
  13. Representative of the Basic Science Department. Dr. Abdullah Al- Amri.
  14. Head of Admission and Registration. Mr. Omar Quaqneh.