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About Faculty

The College was established in 1964 under the name of “Ajloun Teachers' Institute”; where a large number of teachers were graduated from; It was monitored by the Ministry of Education, and by year 1980 this Institute was developed to be a Community College

In 1985 this College was supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education..........More

Ph.D Ph.D Ali Al-Qedah

Dean Message

Between Anjarah and Ajloune and over the green mountains summits lies a gem that glows in the middle of nature's colors as if it were a star in the middle of the sky.

It carries the valiant Hashemites' ensign and tells stories of success as great as that of Ajloune Castle which symbolizes victory, glory, and pride.

It is Ajloune University College, a college which constitutes an important stage in the national achievements........More