About the Faculty of Princess Alia University

A public female Jordanian College affiliated to Al-Balqa'a Applied University, and distinguished for its applied education in Bachelor's and Diploma Degrees. This is in addition to granting MA and Vocational higher diploma degrees for both boys and girls.


The college was established on the 1st October-1972 and was named then Princess Alia Institute for female teachers. A royal decree was issued for the establishment of Al-Balqa'a Applied University in 1996 that includes all public community colleges. In 2000, the college was transformed into a University college.

College Seeks

The college seeks to acquire modern technical supplies to ensure a high quality of education and training as well as providing highly proficient academic staff and administrative personnel to boost academic and educational process.

Degrees granted by the college:

Activities and Accomplishments :

In addition to providing academic programmes, the college upgrades the cultural level of its female students and plays an effective role in the community service.

It also takes part in the national and Arab occasions.

The college is working on the rehabilitation of its structure, upgrading its capabilities, and developing its academic programmes.


In addition to its halls, administration building and administrative offices, the college Further comprises the following facilities:

  • The Gym.
  • The Theatre.
  • The Meeting Hall.
  • Several other service- related facilities
  • Several other service- related facilities
  • The Clinic: Medical services are provided for both students and staff members and emergency cases are sent to hospitals.
  • Computer labs (7).
  • Fashion designing labs (2).
  • Beauty lab.
  • Home Economics lab.
  • English language lab.
  • Educational Teaching methods lab.

Former Dean's of the College:

  • Mrs. Buthaina Jardaneh
  • Miss Barzah Kamal
  • Dr. Lima Hadidi
  • Dr. Nazek Qtaishat
  • Dr. Khaled Sharayri
  • Dr. Sameerah Khawaldeh
  • Dr. Jameel Jaludi
  • Dr. Khawla Hadidi
  • Dr. Safa' Kailani
  • Dr. Abdallah Habahbeh
  • Dr. Nayfeh Qatami
  • Dr. Khaled Sharayri
  • Dr. Hamdan Awamleh
  • Dr. Khaled Sarayrah
  • Dr. Lubna Akroush
  • Dr. Sidky Momani