About the Faculty of Aqaba

College was founded obstacle courses in 2001 in response to the Royal directives in the field of higher education and of providing opportunities for university study not build Ardnna beloved lowest cost and most convenient ways to supplement the southern region cadres qualified scientifically.

And in practice has been the opening of college under Royal patronage and was received Regiment The first students at the start of the second semester of the academic year to 2000 - 2001 to accept a single division in the specialty of hotel management and then was initiated specialization management of tourism services at the Undergraduate Level medium in addition to holding a twinning agreement with the Faculty of Khomson Canada in 2001.

As has been was introduced each of the specialty nursing Poster for the academic year 2005/2006 and management of warehouses in the year 2007/2008.

The estimated total area of the territory of college b (4) acres a building area of approximately (3500 m 2) and are classrooms and computer labs language laboratories and laboratory equipment for food and laboratory accommodation, kitchen, lab nursing and Hall palm (complete) Petra Hall and the cafeteria and clinic and Smart Room of the premier facilities in college.


AUC is a comprehensive educational institution providing our community with access to the knowledge and skills relevant to the future economic and social development of the region. The mission of AUC, is to provide Bachelor and Two-Year Associate Degree programs, educational support programs and services and community services for a broad spectrum of students.

This shall be achieved by strengthening the relationship with the industrial sectors and the local community by emphasizing upon the applied education with respect to the industrial demand.


AUC under the umbrella of Al-Balqa' Applied University shall prove to be a unique system enhancing the economical and social development in both national and regional levels.

The graduates of AUC shall be distinguished, highly trained, motivated and skilled with good experiences in their respective fields.

The programs shall be flexible in order to meet the demands and requirements of the industrial sectors and therefore, meet the national and regional needs.

Key among the ideas comprising this vision is:

  • Anticipating and responding to community needs.
  • Building our strengths and uniqueness.
  • Investing in developing of out people and infrastructure.
  • A culture of continuous improvement.
  • Accountability to the learner, the community and BAU in everything we do.


  • The Policy, goals and objectives of AUC is driven from that of BAU Strategic Plan and represented by expanding the applied and vocational specializations in order to provide the employment market with skilled and well trained graduates from the academic and applied point of views.

    This is supported by the unique location of AUC in the Gulf of Aqaba. AUC is looking forward to achieve the following objectives

  • Implement the national higher education, human resources and scientific research policies in order to achieve the national objectives and goals.
  • Play an active part in supporting the national production and serves sectors through cooperation and by implementing flexible programs, thereby fulfill their demands and needs.
  • Focus on quality and excellence in the educational outcomes and incomes.
  • Support the research projects and programs and improve the skills and capability of AUC?s student through driven applied research activities.
  • Collaborate with other university colleges, institutes and educational firms in the field of scientific research, encourages teaching staff to conduct collaborative research activities and participates in the national and international conferences and symposiums.
  • Maintain an outstanding relationship with the academic and training establishments and the various national production and services sectors and meet the needs and expectations of the society and the industrial sectors.
  • Establish a mechanism to lead the College to become an industrial linked College provides the national industries with consultations and services.

Scientific research

AUC encourage the teaching staff to conduct scientific research activities in a wide spectrum, particularly driven research activities upon the request of the national industries.

AUC will demonstrate its relevance to the economic development through driven applied research, while maintaining full commitment to its social, ethic and environmental principles.

AUC encourage the graduate student to conduct their graduation projects in relevance to certain technical problems at the national industries in the nearby areas.

Facility :

  • 14 classrooms
  • Members of the administrative offices and teaching 34
  • Smart Room
  • Office
  • Nursing Lab
  • Electronic Library
  • computer labs
  • language laboratory 2
  • Clinic
  • cafeteria
  • Lab Food
  • Kitchen