Dean's Message

It's a great honor for me to be assigned the dean of Aqaba University college since 1st February 2011, where I have been instructor, vice dean and dean assistant since its establishment my role is exemplified in the initiation of the college and increasing the number of students.

The college has achieved a lot of accomplishment at the academic level and local and national levels which insures it's highly distinguished academic institution. This will motivate us to maintain our distingtion of high quality learning outcomes under the umbrella of Al-Balqa' Applied University.

PH. D.Farouq AL-azam

We develop the infra structure to cope with the scientific research and locally needed programmes.

With assiduous team work we look for ward to attaining development creativity and distingtion to be always the glorious academic and scientific side for the next generations in the beaming gulf of Aqaba.

Vic Dean:

Assistant Dean for Development and Planning Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs
Dr: Nibal Malkawi Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khdam Ahed Al-Saudi

Faculty Council :

  • PH. D.Farouq AL-Azam
  • Dr. Nayef Al-Enjadat
  • Dr.Nebal Malkawi
  • Yazeed J. J. AL-Dabbas
  • Qusay Qahtan
  • Khaled Suliman Al-Kharabsheh
  • د. إخلاص محمد العيدي
  • إبراهيم توفيق الجراح
  • هانم رجب آل درويش
  • براءة عيسى علاوي
  • د. محمد حريزي البدري
  • د. احمد عاطف حرارة