About Faculty :

The Faculty was established by Virtue of a Royal Decree on August 22, 1997, actually launched by the First Semester of the academic year 1998/1999, where only 20 students were admitted to the two departments offering the majors of Surveying & Geomatics Engineering and the Metallurgical Engineering. Hence, the studying plan was limited to teaching basic approaches for the preparation like: Calculus, Physics, Chemistry and Computer, in addition to Arabic Language and English Language courses to enhance the students' command of the language, as it has been believed that language is the means of expression and appreciation for both Applied and Humanitarian Sciences.

By the beginning of the First Semester of the academic year 2002/2003, a new department was added to offer the Computer Engineering Major, and the faculty premises were shifted to the new building with a capacity of 6400m2, consists of (11) Classrooms, Meeting Hall, Exhibition Hall, Library, Cafeteria, Offices for Academic and adminstrative Staff Members and number of Computer Labs accommodating (250) computer devices, plus (10) Technical labs were established.

Mission Statement :

Our Vision

  1. We will be recognized for providing the best education in Jordan and the region.
  2. The college will be nationally prominent in research and service and be valued as a resource for industry and the community.

Our Mission

Provide world-class education, research, and services and act as a catalyst for economic development with a focus on the diverse needs of Jordan

Our Goals

  • Improve responsiveness to the needs of business, industry, government, and the scientific community.
  • Attract highly qualified students with potential for intellectual development, innovation, and leadership. Retain and graduate each student.
  • Develop areas of research excellence for technology transfer, which will build partnerships with industry.