Dean's Message

Dear visitor of our website,

Welcome to Prince Abdullah bin Ghazi faculty of Information and Technology.

I am really honored and privileged to serve as the dean of prince Abdullah Bin Ghazi of Information Technology.

The mission of our school is to provide our students excellent level of education that emphasizes learning-by-doing, employing talented faculty members and up-to-date facilities.

We strive to provide our community with graduates who are technically well-prepared, have excellent work ethics, appreciate life-long learning, and are capable of contributing to the information technology market effectively.

PH. D. Mohammed Ababneh

The information revolution these days produces many enabling technologies that make wireless communication, pervasive computing, service-oriented computing, data warehousing, and other advanced applications in all aspects of life possible.

Our bachelor and master degree curricula along with the research conducted in our school are based on this fact.

Please feel free to explore our website to learn more about the three undergraduate programs in computer science, computer information systems and software engineering.

We provide a research-oriented MS program in Computer Science.

We are proud that a many of our MS graduates have successfully pursued PhD programs in reputable universities in the USA, Canada and Europe and Asia.

It is worth mentioning that we are the first in Jordan to have a school of IT in Jordan.

This started back in 1997 under the name of Faculty of Science and Information Technology.

Thanks for visiting our website. For expected students from Jordan and the middle-east and Arab Gulf region, I hope this visit to our website will be the beginning spark to a greater success in their near future.

Vic Dean

Vice Dean for Graduate Studies Vic Dean
Dr. Abdulsalam W. Alarabeyyat Dr. Hasan Muaidi

Assistant Dean

Assistant Dean for Planning and Development and Quality Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Dr. Jawdat Alshaer Dr. Mohammad Al-Nsour Dr. Hamza Aldabbas

The Faculty Council :

  • PH. D. Mohammad Ababneh (Dean of a college)
  • Dr. Hasan Muaidi (Vice-Dean)
  • Dr. Dr. Abdulsalam W. Alarabeyyat (Vice-Dean)
  • Dr. Nijad Al-Najdawi (A Head of Computer Science Department)
  • Dr. Thair Khdour (A Head of Computer Information Systems Department)
  • Dr. Shihadeh Alqrainy (A Head of Software Engineering Department)
  • Dr. Jawdat Alshaer (Representative of the CIS department)
  • Dr. Adnan Al-Rabea (Representative of the CS department)
  • Wafaa Dababat (representative of the SE department)