Computer Information Systems Department :

The department of Computer Information Systems offers a Bachelor degree in Computer Information Systems and co-offers with the Computer Science Department a master degree in Computer Science at the faculty of information technology.

Our bachelor program aims at preparing students in concepts, theory, and practices for designing, constructing, and maintaining medium- and large-scale information systems. The knowledge and practical applications development experiences gained by our students in this program prepare them for success as information systems professionals and continuing academic advancement.

Dr.Thair Khdour

Faculty members in our department provide courses in wide spectrum of practical areas. The CIS Department Mission is to prepare our students with the necessary and required knowledge and skills for success in the marketplace and in graduate studies in the areas of information systems and computer science in general.

Academic Staff:

Name Rank
Prof. Dr. Mohamad ababneh Professor
Prof. Dr. Basim Al-Hadidi Professor
Dr. Thair Khdour Associate Professor
Dr. Ibrahim Tadros Associate Professor
Dr. Suliman Bani Ahmad Associate Professor
Dr. Jawdat Alshaer Assistant Professor
Dr. Osama Dorgham Assistant Professor
Mr. Abdelaziz Alhamori Lecturer
Mr. Raed Khaleed Lecturer
Mr. Mohamad Asmaran Lecturer
Mrs. Heba Hiyari Lecturer
Mrs. Asma Khtoom Lecturer
Mrs. Zainab Rahamneh Lecturer
Mrs. Rawan Abdeen Lecturer

Curriculum for the Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS)
Curriculum for the Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS)