About the Faculty of Al-Karak University

Al-Karak college was founded in 1979 to be an institute for teacher under the ministry of education.

It was an organization responsible for preparing qualified human staff and it granted diploma.

The programs in the college were academically oriented .

The ministry of Higher Education was founded in 1987 and all community colleges including Al-karak college ,became affiliated with it.

The main goal was developing the community colleges with regard to programs majors and goals to achieve the requirements of progress in service and outcomes.

In 1997 the late King Hussein's may Allah bless his soul with peace and mercy honor came to add to the Jordanian scientific structure a monument of knowledge –Albalqa Applied University which has started to supervise all community colleges in the Kingdom ,including Alkarak college.

Then the steps of progress have started to take their rights track to achieve strategic goals for the university especially in the applied and vocational domain in accordance with the requirements of needs at that time.

In addition to developing and qualifying human staff which was the output which satisfies ambitious and hopes, the programs ,labs ,and majors were updated and developed and the number of faculty staff of the PhD and MA holders was increased in an outgoing and ambitious plan.

In The academic year 2006/2007 al Karak mid university college become a university college that grants the BA in a number of majors so that it achieved a part of its ambitious in widening the scope of developing and progress to serve the nation and the community.

The Objective of the College, its Duties and Activities

The college tries hard to achieve its goal in serving the Jordanian community within an ambitious and strategic plan for Al-Balqa Applied University to improve community colleges.

Alkarak college like the other colleges aims at serving the Jordanian community through feeling its needs using scientific tools.

The colleges lies in a region that is inhabited with a population of over 200.000.


Graduation of qualified human cadres armed with science and knowledge and skills that enable them to serve the nation


Message emanating from a college-Balqa Applied University in the continued development of its programs and specializations in line with the requirements of scientific and technological changes, economic, social and focus on the areas of applied and technical assistance to achieve the goal established for it.


  • open the way for the local community to study in the interdisciplinary study of the quality.
  • Strengthening the relationship between the college and the community through various activities.
  • Open horizons and new opportunities for graduate students through the development of disciplines to suit the job market.
  • Supplying home cadres qualified scientifically and practically to engage the local labor market which is witnessing development "remarkable" and a high level of academic