About Ma'an University College

Ma'an College was established in 1989, and it was affiliated to the ministry of higher education.

Since 1998,The college has become under the ambrella of Al-Balqa Applied University on academic, administrative and financial levels.

Under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II. Ma'an college was moved to it's current location which is seven km away from ma'an city center, and that was an important step to improve and inhance it's performance.

The college grants graduates the intermediate deploma degrees in various program:

  • Basic sciences
  • Financial and administrative sciences

Which provide local market with highly qualified persons to meet it's demands and requirements in accordance with BAU policy.

In the academic year 2001/2002, the college started to run Associated degrees in Nursing, and Management Information System started in the academic year 2003/2004.

The college wants to establish new programs to provide well trained work force to meet the local community needs and to achieve the highest level of excellence.

This academic year 2005/ 2006, the college will start to run associated Degree in:

Railway engineering and transport program which is a unique program at the academic levels to Jordan and the middle east.

Objectives of the College

Of the most important objectives of the College to contribute to the preparation of qualified scientific talent to meet the needs of the community in the areas of management sciences, computer science and information, nursing, And the creation of scientific institutions working to achieve outstanding scientific level through the use of modern technologies and provide an opportunity of university education the new and distinctive to a greater number of community youth And participation in the development of national cadres in the areas needed by the labor market through the preparation and training as well as to contribute to easing the pressure on public universities to accommodate the growing numbers of high school graduates


  • Achieving the highest level of excellence with particular emphasis on quality programs
  • Initiating new programs to provide well qualified graduates to meet the local and national needs.
  • Providing facilities, services, and help to students to interactive with college life and to improve their skills
  • Supporting scientific research and offering facilities to research for academic staff
  • Play a vital role in interaction with the local community and develop it in terms of cultural, scientific, and intellectual
  • Help the students to encounter challenges and overcome hardship


  • Organizing religious, cultural, national, social celebrations
  • Participating in football championships and other sport activities
  • Inviting specialist from other universities and institutes to deliver lectures on various topics
  • Holding artist exhibitions
  • Organizing scientific trips to institutions in Jordan
  • Collaborating with AL-Hussein University activities, celebrations


Was to meet the changing needs of the local community and regional levels of the workforce highly qualified. Accordingly, it has settled the same faculty to achieve excellence and uniqueness in higher education, And the competitive advantage of the strategic geographical location and flexible system in addition to support only a limited community of the College will ensure the continuous development of its programs and services which will bring it a leading role for the leadership of higher education in the future in the governorate of Ma'an.

Disciplines in the College is developed based on the need for all sectors of the community of qualified scientifically and technically and educationally.


  • The mosque
  • Four Computer Labs
  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Clinic
  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Theatre
  • Lecture rooms
  • multi-purpose arena