Dean's Message

Ma'an College is Medium college was founded in 1989, in order to provide the opportunity for successful students in secondary school children from the South to complete their university studies, the medium filling the shortfall in some academic disciplines, which was suffered by the education sector and the labor market in the province.

On 22/08/1996, Royal decree was issued establishing the BAU, which came to set the average university education and works to promote its level academic, and joined the College to the University of Al-Balqa Applied administratively, financially and academically as of 01/01/1998, which provided for a new start on college Level programs of study and human resources and facilities support.

PH. D.Sattam Al-kateeb

College away from the center of the city of Ma'an about (7) km, which is adjacent to the site Hussein Bin Talal University, and the building on the land area (500) dunums, It is part of theproject permanent site , which will include in its subsequent stages of the many buildings that are distributed on the premises of classrooms and the faculty and engineering concerns engineering and housing for students and housing for staff career For employees and independent bookstore and cafeteria, gymnasium, a mosque and other facilities will be multi-cultural milestone in the aggregate a prominent and ambitious edifice education meets the needs of the college and their future expansion and development plans to the college granted bachelor's degree in some disciplines.

Has been the celebration of laying the cornerstone for the first phase of this project under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah Bin Al Hussein on 01/26/2000, with an area (3700) square meters, which began teaching the beginning of the academic year 2002/2003.

Vic Dean:

Assistant Dean for
Training and Development and Quality
Assistant Dean for
Academic Affairs
Assistant Dean for
Student Affairs
Nedal Al-Enaimat Anas Alrawad Essam Al-Khawaldeh

The Faculty Council :

Dr. Satam Al Khatib Dean of Faculty Chairman
Mr. Mohammed Salem Alnoavlh Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance member
Mr. Esam Theeb Khawaldah Assistant Dean for Student Affairs member
Mr. Abbas Al-Rfayah Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs member
Mr. Nidal sabbah Alenaimat Assistant Dean for Development and Training Affairs member
Mr. Mohammed Haroun Manegar of Administration and Finance Department member
Mr.Anas alrawad Manegar of Basic Science Department member
Hussein Shakir Assaf Representative of the members of the faculty member member
Fayza Nayef Asaad Representative of the members of the faculty member member
Eng Hussein Krishan Director General of the Aqaba Railway member
Mr. Khalid Al Shammari Ma'an Mayor member
His Excellency Mr. Khaled Zaher Alphenattsp Chairman of the Association of Mines and Mining member
His Excellency Mr.Ahmed abu aqalah al katab Former deputy member
His Excellency Mr. Matter Abu Rakhyah President of the South Society for Special Education member