About Ma'an University College

Ma'an College was established in 1989, and it was affiliated to the ministry of higher education.

Since 1998,The college has become under the ambrella of Al-Balqa Applied University on academic, administrative and financial levels.

Under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II. Ma'an college was moved to it's current location which is seven km away from ma'an city center, and that was an important step to improve and inhance it's performance...................Read More

PH. D.Sattam Al-kateeb

Dean's Message

Ma'an College is Medium college was founded in 1989, in order to provide the opportunity for successful students in secondary school children from the South to complete their university studies, the medium filling the shortfall in some academic disciplines, which was suffered by the education sector and the labor market in the province.

On 22/08/1996, Royal decree was issued establishing the BAU, which came to set the average university education and works to promote its level academic, and joined the College to the University of Al-Balqa Applied administratively, financially and academically as of 01/01/1998, ...............Read More