Dean's Message

Social work is an art; built on a scientific basis. The profession found and continued to develop to meet humanitarian needs and aspirations set by society because it derive its values from the values of the community. It helps families whom facing economic and social problems. Also it helps the community to get the benefit of services in a balanced way; it works in multiple areas, such as medical fields, school, elderly, social defense, family, children, youth welfare, field workers, victims of war and people with special needs. People with special needs have the capabilities and potential if they have the appropriate services such as training, care and equal opportunities and they will be able to participate actively along with other social groups in achieving national comprehensive development.
We are confident that crime and delinquency are phenomenon of phenomena associated with human society, wherever found gatherings humanitarian the crime will be found, and this requires concerted efforts of public and private sectors to work on the rehabilitation and behavior modification of delinquent individuals and criminals in the social environment through prevention and developing educational and therapeutic methods. Princess Rahma University College is a college where the educational and social work services can be found. It prepares professionals in the field of social work, special education, delinquency and crime. It emphasizes the needs of these social groups to integrate them effectively in their communities.

Dr. Huseen Alkhazaee

Assistant Dean for
Planning and Development and Quality
Assistant Dean for
Student Affairs
Assistant Dean for
Administrative and Financial Affairs
Dr. Abd Al-Kareem Al-KharabshehDr. Eman Al-Hussein Abdallatif Aburamman

Faculty Council :

Dr. Huseen Al-khazaee Dean Chairman
Dr. Ayed Al-Ziadat Head of Special Education Member
Dr. Fatima Ahmed Atiyat Head of Social Work Member
Dr. Jamal Fawaz Omari Head of Basic Sciences Member
Dr. Malloh Mfadee Al Slehat Representatives of the Department of Basic Sciences Member
Dr. Hanaa Husni Alnabolsi Representatives of the Department of Social Work Member
Dr. Ahmad Makahleh Representative of the Department of Special Education Member
Mr. Mohammad Alkhshman Representatives from the local community Member
Mr. Khaled Alzoubi Representatives from the local community Member