Delinquency And Crime

Since it is inauguration in 2013 the department of crime and delinquency is the only department of Princess Rahma University College/ Al-Balqa Applied University.

Princess Rahma University College is one of the very few universities in Jordan to have its own department exclusively dedicated to teaching crime and delinquency.

Do you have a sense of truth? would you like to serve the public by defending the safety of the community? if so, the Crime and Delinquency Studies major is something you should find out more about.

Dr.: Nader Bani Nasur

The degree provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the nature and causes of crime and delinquency, criminal justice organizations and agency practices and the law and legal system.

They will also be exposed to scientific and theoretical models that are used for the analysis and critique of the crime and delinquency.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Crime and Delinquency is designed to provide a student with in-depth academic preparation in the field of Crime and Delinquency.

The B.A. degree is designed primarily for those students who intend to pursue careers in Crime and Delinquency Studies, regular courts, family protection, government agencies, public security and other related fields, or who want more extensive preparation in the discipline of Crime and Delinquency Studies for advanced degree programs. Students pursuing the B.A. degree in Crime and Delinquency Studies are required to complete 132 hours and distributed as 27 hours "University Required Core" compulsory and optional courses and are required to complete 21 hours College required compulsory and selective courses and 72 hours as major requirements specialization compulsory and optional courses and 12 hours in major requirements support courses. Students must earn a GPA of 2.0 or better in their major.

Department Staff:

  • Professor Hussein omer Al-Kuza'i
  • Dr. Nader Ibrahim Bani Nasur Head of Department
  • Dr. AbdullahAhmad al-Awamleh
  • Dr. Waddah Suad Al-Adwan
  • Dr. RkanEsaa Al-adwan
  • Dr. AbdelKarimODIH Al-Krabsheh
  • Dr. Nisreen Mahmoud Al-Karaki
  • Dr. Gaderr Barnis al-Zaben
  • Dr. Atif Salim Al-Awamleh
  • Mujahed HaniAli Al-Dahrawi