About The Department Of Social Work

Establishment background

Social work training and teaching started 1968 at prince Rahma University College under the name of Social Work Institute

The institute was established as a result of cooperation between The Ministry of Social Work Development and the United Nation, the first group of graduated in the 1968.

Dr. Jehad Ali Alsaideh

Department of Social Work Vision Statement

The Department of Social Work at Al Blaqa University, promotes learning to prepare students to become social workers who practice with competence and integrity both in private and public services

The Department supports and enhances the work of social service agencies through consultation, scholarship, research, and other service activities.

The Department affirms its commitment to practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities, with an emphasis on small and rural areas, by enhancing human well-being, promoting social justice, and alleviating poverty and oppression for all members of our diverse society within its global context.

Social Work Department Objectives

The SWD program prepares students for both advanced direct practice and administration.

Students achieve program objectives through foundation and concentration course and extensive field work.

Students will learn from faculty dedicated to high quality social work education using innovative teaching techniques and technologies.

Based on the goals of the SWD program, the objective of the Social Work Program is to ensure students are prepared to enter advanced, autonomous practice in an area of social work:

  1. Prepare students for effective, culturally responsive, and ethical advanced clinical or community professional social work practice that enhances human interaction.
  2. Involve students in critical inquiry, application and development of knowledge, and consideration of values and ethics.
  3. Identify, select, and ethically apply advanced skills in assessment, intervention, and client advocacy in clinical or community social work practice.
  4. Demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning, the development of knowledge, and the profession of social work.
  5. Base advanced clinical or community social work practice on empirical evidence and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and programs with consideration of values and ethics
  6. Develop skills and differentially apply strategies for effective leadership in both direct and indirect practice.
  7. Encourage students to assume leadership in promoting social and economic justice and eliminating oppression.

Degrees offered by the Department

The Department of Social Work at Al Balqa university offers a qualification of a B.A Degree in social work.

Today within the year 2011-2012,the total number of students of the social work is nearly 265 students.

Faculty members