Chemistry and Medical Analysis


Chemistry department was established in 2012, beside the mathematics, physics and medical analysis departments as a part of the faculty of science.

Chemistry department offers a curriculum leading to B.Sc degree in chemistry and M.Sc degree.

It also offers special courses to serve student of the faculties of agriculture, engineering and medical analysis department.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Tarawneh


We seek to become the leading department in chemistry locally and regionally, providing high quality education, academic and professional programs, research, graduate and post graduate out come.

Chemistry department at Al-Balqa Applied University should be incubator of excellent in Jordan and the region, for students and scholars


Chemistry department at Al-Balqa Applied university prepares knowledgeable and competent who are committed to excellence in their professional pursuits with a sound back ground in both experimental and theoretical aspects of chemistry .


Chemistry department at Al-Balqa Applied University promotes the aim and objectives of Al-Balqa Applied University by providing high quality program for our student and conducting research of different specializations of chemistry. This is done by:-

  • Assisting our students in acquiring and applying chemical knowledge.
  • Training them to understand the discipline and the process of learning.
  • Provide students with a cute and awareness for responsibility of professional.
  • Expand the frontiers of chemistry by maintaining an active research program in different fields of Chemistry.
  • Supporting students by chemistry t related activities with commitment to active and ethical involvement.

Faculty members in chemistry Department

Prof. Eyad S. M. Abu-Nameh Professor
Dr. Rohi far Associate professor
Dr. Salem M. Al Musleh Associate professor
Dr. Ali Awad . Marashdeh Assistant professor
Dr. Ibrahim Naji AL –Trawneh Assistant professor
Dr. Wagdi M. Tokan Assistant professor
Dr. Daasan M. Jaradat Full time lecturer
Dr. Zakariya Shtaiwi Full time lecturer
Leena M.Barhoomi Instructor
Basil M.AL-Saaide Instructor
Siham H.Abu Rmman Instructor
Reem j.Abu.Ehmaid Full time lecturer
Hala M.AL- Talip Full time lecturer