About Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics was established in the academic year 2008/2009, and offers a B.Sc. degree program in mathematics.

The study plan focusing on the practical aspects in the areas of Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Mathematics , Mathematical physics, and Mathematical packages, and the department, which includes (12) Member faculty of the campaign to the degree of PhD and Masters by offers the supportive requirements of mathematical subjects for all the faculties of the center.

During the academic year 2011/2012 will graduate the first group of students of mathematics; the department is currently preparing study plans for the Master's program in mathematics.

Dr.Nizar AL-oushoush

Faculty Members of Mathematics Department
Name Academic Rank
Prof.Dr.Zaid Odibat Professor
Dr. Khalid Shabrawi Associate Professor
Dr. Omar A. Abu Arqub Associate Professor
Dr.Raed AL-zghool Assistant Professor
Dr.Ahmad Bataineh Assistant Professor
Dr.Nizar AL-oushoush Assistant Professor
Dr.Ahmad AL-Ajou Assistant Professor
Dr.Suad ALhihi Full time lecturer
Moath Naser Oqaili Full time lecturer
Omar obaidat Instructor
Sana’a AL-daher Instructor
Orobah AL-zu’bi Instructor