About Physics

The B.Sc. program in physics was established in the Faculty of Science at the beginning of the second semester of the academic year 2009/2010.

The study plan concentrates on training the students on researches and measurements in the areas of nuclear physics, radiation physics, materials physics and other branches of physics

The department offers physics courses that are required to students of other faculties in the university center.

In Addition to the undergraduate program in physics, the department awards the Master degree in nuclear and materials physics.

Dr. Shadi Salem

The staff of the department includes (20) faculty members of all degrees in addition to administrators and technicians.

Several teaching and research laboratories with all scientific equipment are available in the department and these laboratories are:

  • General physics and electronics laboratories.
  • Advanced and intermediate physics laboratories.
  • Radiation laboratory: has been equipped with the latest devices which are used to study the radiation content of different materials.
  • Materials laboratory: It contains equipment for the preparation of thin films and studies their electrical, optical and magnetic properties in bulk or thin films form.

Faculty Members of Physics Department
Name Academic Rank
Prof. Dr. Anis M. Saad Professor
Prof. Dr. Mousa M. Imran Professor
Dr. Saed F. Dababneh Associate Professor
Dr. Ibrahim F. Hamarneh Associate Professor
Dr. Omar A. Lafi Associate Professor
Dr. Shadi M. Salem Assistant Professor
Dr. Mohammad A. Dalabeeh Assistant Professor
Dr. Ali A. Al-Taani Assistant Professor
Mohammad M. Shaderma Instructor
Mahmoud Abu-Sondos Instructor
Eshraq Ababneh Instructor
Mohammad Kloub Instructor
Abeer Al –Bqoor Full time lecturer