Dean's Message

Into the hope towards a promising and bright future, we look to this academic and scientific feature which has the great honor to be a landmark of higher education in this beloved country “the hashemite kingdom of Jordan”.

This academic feature was an agricultural school that was established in 1965, it becomes one of al-balqa applied university colleges, this college contributes to prepare specialized Jordanian competencies who have a great honor to serve our country generations to come.

Dr. Mohammad Abu-Darwish

Believing in vision of our beloved king Abdullah the Second Bin Al-Hussein to have Jordan as the first with its people knowledge, and all acquisitions, and by characterizing the messege of aL-balqa applied university to cope with the winds of changes, developments and innovation , the college and its staff have their own duty towards allah, home, and the king to continue the way for preparing generation that has the ability to serve his country, a generation that is also responsible for development, scientific research in different fields, and to serve and develop all local people of the community.

Calling for prayers to almighty god that “our lord, increase our knowledge, keep Jordan, its king, people and land”.

Vic Dean:

Assistant Dean for
Student Affairs
Assistant Dean for
Planning and Development
Assistant Dean for
Administrative And Financial Affairs
Dr. Talib ALmseidein Dr. Zyad Abo-Dyah Dr.Owdeh Morad

Faculty Council

Dr.Mohammad Sanad Abo-Darwish College's Dean President of the Council
Dr.Ezz Al-Dein Muhammed Al-Ramamneh Acting Head of Agricultural Sciences Member
Dr.Abed Alrzaq Sleman Alshqirate Acting Head of Basic and Applied Sciences Member
Dr.Zyad Al-Barakat Representative of the Department of Agricultural Sciences Member
Ms. Attaf Rawashdeh Representative of the Department of Basic and Applied Sciences Member
Mr. Omar Bdour Acting Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs Secretary of the Board
Ms. Kefa Khashman Secretary of the Faculty Council