About the Faculty Zarka University

The college was established in 1978 under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education and then in 1986 it became under the authority of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Royal decree was issued on the 22nd of August 1997 to establish Al-Balqa’ Applied University and to have all community colleges under its umbrella.

This college started to offer Bachelor degree in the year 2000 besides Diploma degrees, and thus its name became “Zarka University College”.

College Message

The college message is summarized in preparing Diploma and Bachelor graduates to be able to contribute effectively in serving the economic, social and national development.

Thus, achieving the ambitions of his Majesty King Abdullah II. It meets the demands of local job market through opening and enlarging other Diploma and Bachelor programs


To become a distinguished academic institution which cares about technical, vocational and academic learning in all academic levels, and to contribute in social and economic development at local, regional and national levels.

The aims of the College

  • The college programs should reflect the actual needs of the national, local and regional market needs. And to be distinguished in carrying out all academic fields to have an outstanding reputation in all work areas in terms of quality
  • To become an outstanding centre for sustainable learning for graduates and local people through offering short training courses suitable for local markets
  • To develop co-operative relations with industrial employees and to start applied research programs for upgrading the quality and level of industries.
  • To have good relations with graduates to benefit from their inputs and experiences to develop college programs and encourage them to share continuously in college activities
  • To develop the ties with the local, government ,academic ,social and voluntary institutions to become an effective part in making decisions and planning in economic and social development at the local level.
  • To enrich co-operative ties with national institutions to benefit from their experiences to market college graduates nationally
  • To achieve self-dependence and increase college income through college investments