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Deanship of Scientific Research

Welcome to the website of the Deanship of Scientific Research DSR at Al-Balqa’ Applied University.

DSR was founded in order to help the academic staff at University to upgrade their research spirit according to internationally accepted levels of profound intellectual investigations.

The mission and mandate of DSR are conceived from the University's main directive.

Prof. Ahmad Nori Al-Shadiadeh

The progressive DSR mandate and the diversity of responsibilities enable the deanship to reach out into the entire University services and academic braches.

DSR and the Scientific Research Council are committed to provide the following services and perform the following tasks:

  • Propose and prioritize the policy of scientific research at the University.
  • Lay the foundations of cooperation and coordination with other parties concerned with scientific research.
  • Study and approve the proposed scientific projects.
  • Follow up and evaluate the progress of the scientific researches.
  • Discuss and endorse the annual budget of the scientific research.
  • Recommend establishing research centers in different scientific fields.
  • Quest to find sources of funding from within and outside the Kingdom.

The sundry types of research funded by the University budget and other national and international budgeting frameworks help to achieve not only the University academic mandate but also benefit the different related sectors within the Kingdom. The research quality and diversity are precisely selected so that application and practicality are guaranteed. For that the University is eagerly keen to involve the related stakeholders in the assorted research topics.