The Faculty of Engineering Technology (FET) is an applied engineering institution under the umbrella of BAU since the academic year 1996/1997. FET was established under the Royal Decree in 1975 with the name "Amman Polytechnic. It was offering three-year associate degree in engineering professions. In 1985 the study program was changed to a two-year program offering the associate degree in many engineering disciplines. Since 1989, the institution has started offering the bachelor degree in applied engineering in the fields of Civil, Chemical, Mechanical,
Electro-Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering. This degree was obtained upon the completionof 140 credit hours with great emphasis on the practical engineering fields. The institution started the engineering technology program in the fall of 1997 shortly after merging with BAU, which approximately constitutes 25% of the curriculum. In addition, two-month field training is required for graduation. The BAU administration is considering the inclusion of field training as a part ofrequired credits. The associate degree program is restructured to meet new challenges in both local and global markets. This restructuring includes modification of existing curricula, increasing
and redistributing the required credit hours in some cases. Over 2000 students are admitted in 2008/2009 academic year in the Associate degree, Bachelor degree, and Master degree Programs. Eighty percent of Bachelor degree students are admitted upon the completion of their high school education. The rest of students in the Bachelor degree program are qualified candidates from the Associate degree. The associate degree is awarded after the completion of 75 credit hours.

The Bachelor degree is awarded after the completion of 160 credit hours, while the Master degree is awarded after completion of 33 credit hours.
In addition to the supporting divisions of Applied Sciences and Humanities , the college consists of six main academic
divisions. These divisions are: Mechatronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering and Communications, Civil Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. Mechatronics Engineering division offers three specializations (Industrial Automation, Instrumentation and Process Control, Electro-pneumatic and hydraulic Control Systems) at the associate degree level, one specialization (Mechatronics Engineering) at the Bachelor degree level, and one specialization (Mechatronics Engineering) at the Master degree level.