About Computer Engineering Department

Computer Engineering Department was established in 2004. Currently, offering two of the seven engineering majors available at engineering college as part of Al-Balqa Applied University.

At the beginning of first semester from 2004/2005 academic year the department started with 130 students.

Dr.Jafar Al zubi

What is Computer Engineering and Computer Engineers

Computer Engineering is a discipline that integrates several fields of electrical engineering and computer science required to develop computer hardware and software.

Computer Engineersembed computers in other machines and systems, build networks to transfer data, and develop ways to make computers, faster, smaller, more mobile, and more capable.

Vision of the Department

The Computer Engineering Department strives for excellence in creating, applying, and imparting knowledge in computer engineering and computer systems engineering through comprehensive educational programs, consistent with the mission of the university.

Computer Engineering Department Educational Objectives

Typically, a computer engineering or computer systems engineering curriculum provides a background in three broad areas—hardware, software and hardware-software integration.

Students will also have the opportunity to explore fundamental topics such as electrical circuits, electronics, microprocessors, computer architecture, digital signal processing, operating systems, data communications and other related material. In addition, the programs include core engineering subjects that are common to all engineering disciplines.

The Department offers a Bachelor of Science degree in both computer engineering (CE) and computer systems engineering (CSE).

The key difference between the CE and CSE degrees is that the latter is designed to accommodate those students who desire a strong foundation in computer system software, but who also have a strong interest in computer system hardware.

The CE and CSE programs are accredited by the Higher Education Accreditation Commission (HEAC), and the Jordan Engineers Association (JEA).

Educational objectives are as follows:

  • For CE and CSE—make valuable contributions to design and development of computers or application areas, particularly in software systems, hardware, algorithmic methods, and at the interface of computers and physical systems.
  • Demonstrate strong communication skills and the ability to function effectively as part of a team.
  • Demonstrate a sense of societal and ethical responsibility in all professional endeavors.
  • Engage in professional development or post-graduate education to pursue flexible career paths amid future technological changes.
  • Completing advanced degrees at top-tier universities
  • Emerging as entrepreneurs, researchers, or innovators

Department Laboratories:

  1. Computer Programming Laboratories.
  2. Computer Architecture and Organization Laboratory.
  3. Microprocessor Laboratory.
  4. Computer Networks Laboratory
  5. Digital Logic Design Laboratory.
  6. Electrical Circuits Laboratory.
  7. Electronics Laboratory.
  8. Communications Laboratory.
  9. Database Laboratory.

Study Plan
Plan Requirements for B.A. Degree in Computer System Engineering
Plan Requirements for B.A. Degree in Computer Engineering

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