About Materials Engineering

What is Materials Engineering

Materials engineering is an interdisciplinary field where the materials engineers are using various areas of science (physics, chemistry, mathematics) and engineering (mechanical, electrical, civil) in order to select, design, and manufacture different types of materials: metals, plastics, ceramics, composite materials, which are used in several areas: electronics, communications, energy, environment, medicine, biotechnology, nanotechnology.

Vision of the Department

Materials Engineering is one of the unique specialties which was established in Al Balqa’ Applied University in 1997 and it is not found in other universities in Jordan. It could be argued that the primary objective of this specialty is the graduation of a group of engineers who are able to understand the relationship between materials structure and properties, their processing and performance in engineering applications, which in turn enables them to develop industries besides the development of the national standards and specifications to ensure product quality. Recently, there are more than 400 students in the department.

Dr. Radwan Q. M. Dweiri

Where can undergraduates work

In Jordan, there are multiple work areas for materials engineers, including: iron and steel industry, aluminum industry, ceramic and glass industry, building materials industry, smelting and casting factories, metal forming fabrication factories. A number of materials engineering graduates are also attracted by the Royal Scientific Society, the Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology, Engineering Workshops in the armed forces, the King Abdullah II Design and Development Centre, the Phosphate and Potash Companies, etc.

Laboratories in the Department

There are many laboratories for testing and evaluation the engineering materials in the department such as:

  1. Scanning electron microscope (SEM),
  2. Transmission electron microscope (TEM),
  3. Corrosion and metal protection,
  4. Plastics manufacturing and analysis,
  5. Smelting and casting,
  6. Mechanical testing,
  7. Heat treatments, and Metalgraphy lab.

Academic staff at the Department

الاسم التخصص الدقيق الرتبة المؤهل
أ. د. أمين الربيدي تصنيع وعلم المبلمرات استاذ دكتوراه
أ. د. احمد الموسى تكنولوجيا المواد المبلمرة استاذ دكتوراه
أ. د. نبيل عناقرة هندسة ميكانيكية استاذ دكتوراه
أ. د. طارق العزب هندسة ميكانيك استاذ دكتوراه
الدكتور سامي مساعدة هندسة مواد ومعادن استاذ مشارك دكتوراه
د. امجد العموش هندسة مواد ومعادن استاذ مشارك دكتوراه
د. شادي الخطيب هندسة مواد ومعادن استاذ مساعد دكتوراه
د. رضوان الدويري هندسة الميكانيك والمواد استاذ مساعد دكتوراه
م. توجان الجغبير هندسة المواد والمعادن مدرس ماجستير

Study Plan

Study Plan For Materials Engineering Advisory Plan to specialization Materials Engineering Course Description of specialization materials engineering