About Faculty of Graduate Studies

Genesis College

Established the College of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research of the decision of the Board of Trustees of the University on 07/07/1999 in order to lead the scientific research and graduate studies at the University of Al-Balqa Applied and based on the Higher Education Council decision No. 272 date 08.22.2007 has been separated from the Graduate School Deanship scientific research to become the Graduate School is directly responsible for their actions.

College Strategies

  1. Coordination with the Jordanian and Arab universities and foreign affairs of Graduate Studies, and academic exchange.
  2. Regulation of graduate studies and coordination with the heads of departments and deans of colleges on
  3. Expansion in graduate studies, especially applied, including the establishment of new specialties serve the objectives of development in the community and the Arab
  4. Search for external sources of funding to support graduate students

Certificate granted by the College

Master's degree in the following areas:

  1. Computer Science
  2. Nuclear Physics
  3. Physics of Materials Science
  4. Applied Chemistry
  5. Biotechnology
  6. Management of water resources and the environment
  7. Mechatronics
  8. Regional Planning
  9. Talent and creativity
  10. Educational Psychology
  11. Business Management


College aspires to achieve the objectives of the university through:

  1. Offer graduate studies (Master) programs in various applied fields of specialization according to needs of the community.
  2. Set plans to start Ph.D. programs in the fields needed in the country of Jordan and the region.
  3. Attract the best of the bachelor degree graduates to join the graduate studies programs by offering them teaching and research assistantship.
  4. Processing the applications of graduate students in all graduate studies programs with the collaboration of the respective departments.
  5. Study and endorse all the required curriculum plans of the various specializations.
  6. Supervise and administrate the graduate studies programs offered at the various colleges of the university.
  7. Cooperate with other Jordanian, regional and international universities in the graduate studies affairs such as thesis supervision, scholarships, admissions, curriculum etc.


In order to achieve the objectives for which the College has set up the functions of the college can be summarized as follows:

  1. placement to the Deans Council, the establishment of graduate programs (PhD and MSc) in various disciplines and fields.
  2. Recommendation of the various faculties of the University of Al-Balqa Applied study of the development of new programs (PhD and Masters) commensurate with the needs of the community and the Arab world.
  3. To accept the placement of graduate students in coordination with the committees of graduate studies in the department and the college.
  4. Cooperation with universities of Jordan, Arab and international in terms of postgraduate scholarships and admission of students, which increases the level of exchange of scientific and academic knowledge, between the University and other universities on a global level.
  5. Supervision of graduate programs at the university.
  6. Applied development of university education and technical support.
  7. Development of competencies, capabilities and scientific achievements of graduate students and support.
  8. Support outstanding students through grants fund to support scientific research and the placement of candidates the names of students to the Ministry of Higher Education.
  9. Study lesson plans from various colleges and lifting ofCommittee on study plan .
  10. Work on the establishment of a fund graduate students.