Department of Administrative & Financial Sciences

About Department

Is one of the Irbid University College sections, section includes the following specializations:

  • Bachelors :
    • Business administration
  • Diploma :
    • Management Information Systems
    • Accounting
    • Accounting Information Systems
    • Finance and Administrative Sciences

Dr. Mousa Salty Ababneh

Department Members :

Name Scientific rank Field of specialization E-mail
Mousa Salty Mousa Ababneh Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics
Omar Yaseen Khoderat Associate Professor Political Economic
Majed Radi Al-Zoubi Associate Professor Strategic Management
Fatima lahcen Yachou Ait Yassine Assistant Professor Management
Mohammad Fawwaz Matalka Assistant Professor Law – E commerce
Khaled Abdalla Moh'd Al-Tamimi Assistant Professor Economics
Ashraf Mohammad Alrjoub Assistant Professor Financial Accounting
Bassam Fathi Salem Aldaibat lecturer Management
Adnan Moh'd Issa Al-wedian lecturer Management
Yaser Fakhri Al-sakran lecturer Education Management
Abdelkhaleg.A.H.Hammouri Lecturer Management
Ziad Jamal Eid Haddad lecturer Accounting
Ziyad Mustafa M.Al-Shwiyat lecturer Accounting
Emad Saud Ahmed Hajjat lecturer Accounting
Osama Suhail Ali Hayajneh lecturer Finance and Banking
Reyad Ameen Al-omari lecturer Mathematics
Mustafa Moh'd Soumadi full-time lecture Finance and Economics M
Safa' Mahammad Taha Al-Homoud full-time lecture Banking
Huthaifa Mahmmoud Karasneh full-time lecture Accounting
Leqaa Naife Solaiman Al-Othman full-time lecture Accounting