About the Faculty of Business

  • The faculty of Business was established in October 2and 1997 in adherence to the board of higher education decision No (161) in its meeting No.2570
  • The faculty of Business started in the academic year 1997/1998 with instructing bachelor degree students in the majors of economics and spatial planning
  • The college of Business teach university students and offer a Bachelor degree in fowling Applied majors :

    • Regional planning
    • Economics
    • Banking and financial sciences
    • Accounting information systems
    • Information and library management
    • Business Administration
  • The college of Business instruct university students to obtain a master degree in planning by choosing between a master with thesis tract or a master with comprehensive exam tract

Faculty and local community

The Faculty pf Business serves the local community through:

  • Publishing applied research that concern planning, economical, managerial, and financial issues in Jordanian society.
  • Students preparing of graduation projects that concern planning, economical, managerial, and financial issues in the gardenias society.
  • Students preparing of university thesis that deals with the planning, economical, managerial, and financial issues in order to attain a master degree.
  • Conducting workshop, conference, seminars, and lectures specialized in planning, economical, managerial, and financial issues in Jordanian society.

Faculty of Business Academic Departments

The college of Business is composed of the following three academic departments:

  1. Department of Regional planning
  2. Department of Economics, Finance, and Banking Sciences
  3. Department of Managerial Sciences

Admission Requirements to Faculty Programs :

Master Degree Program:

Acceptance to the master program is offered to a person who holds a bachelor degree with an average no less than good and from universities credited by al Balqa Applied University in the following academic majors:

(Economics, Management, Finance, Accounting, Sociology, Geography , Law , Computer, Agriculture, Mathematic Statistic, Politic, Journalism And Engineering )

Bachelor Degree Program :

Accepted students are those who obtained the Jordanian general secondary diploma or its equivalent where minimum averages are decided by the common admission committee of Jordanian universities.

Goals :

Maintaining the quality of Education theory and application that meets the requirements of the labor market at both national and Arab levels.

Encouraging theoretical and applied research.

Upgrading steering, social and practical skills of students such as the practicing independent intellect, individual initiatives, responsibilities, team work, volunteering works, estimating hand- crafts, citizenship and social services. Local communities' services.

Consolidating Islamic virtues.

Academic and cultural collaboration with all foundations and organizations at local, Arab and international levels.

Faculty mission :

The mission of the faculty of Business is to distinguish itself by teaching university Academic programs that are not taught in local or regional universities , and concentrating on application ( students training in public , private, or civil society institutions in accordance with their majors , and preparing a graduation project ) .

Faculty objectives :

The faculty derives its objectives from the university goals that are :

  • Offering university education opportunity at the bachelor and master levels in the fields of Business .
  • Supporting theoretical and applied research .
  • Developing leadership , societal , and scientific skills in students such as , independent thinking , personal initiative, responsibility, teamwork volunteerism, civility, and community service.
  • Local community service.
  • Islamic values Enrichment .
  • Scientific and knowledge cooperation with local ,Arabian and international bodies and institutions

Consequently, the Faculty stands up to its responsibilities by offering its students high standard courses, and by interacting with the local community and the society at large by means of lectures, students field training and graduation projects, faculty staff theoretical as well as applied research papers, and by organizing specialized seminars and symposiums.

Facilities :

Fourth Floor Dean's Office
Vice Dean
Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
College Board
Third Floor Department of Regional Planning
Faculty offices
Computer lab (301)
Second Floor Computer lab geographic information systems (GIS)
Computer lab (201)
Computer lab (202)
Supply Section
First Floor Computer lab (101)
Computer lab (102)
Computer labs (Engineering)
Ground Floor Home
Laboratories for the manufacture of plastic (Engineering)