Department of Planning and Project Management

About Department

The department of Planning and Project Management is a pioneer section in the Faculty of Planning and management.

It was introduced to meet the developing demands in both local and Arabian labor market, offering both Bachelor and Masters Programs in fields of planning and management.

Since its foundation in 1998/1999 the department was assiduous in providing distinguished selection of courses, teaching methods, and scientific research techniques.

Through its highly qualified and capable staff the department incorporates areas such as economics, design, ecology, sociology, geography, law, political science, and statistics to guide and ensure excellent educational levels and consultations services which the department offers as well.

Dr.Bilal Al-Nsour


The department looks up to achieve distinguished position recognized internationally and among the Arab world.

It seeks a remarkable place in both educational and consulting services the department provides in Planning and management areas.


Our mission is to attract the best expertise with exceptional skills to provide most recent and developed educational standards that coincide with the local, regional, and international standards.

Also we aim to best qualify Bachelor and Masters graduates and promoting their opportunities in getting adequate jobs.


  • Leading students to achieve a noticeable level of knowledge and skill in both practical and theoretical aspects.
  • Qualifying and encouraging students to pursue higher education.
  • Comprising innovation and creativity in teaching methods.
  • Promoting the quality of education outputs to address local community needs in research and consultation.

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