Network Department

The Network Department is responsible for all the networking activities including network cabling, providing the network infrastructure and monitoring/management of the network services in the University. It provides Internet and Intranet services to the BAU community.

The Network Department oversees data backup operations and supervises databases of different administrative systems.

Services include LAN services for all academic/administrative buildings using Wired/Wireless networking.

It is also responsible for monitoring and managing all network devices which includes routers, switches, access-points, load balancers, servers and the critical services running on those servers in addition to securing BAU’s IT infrastructure from inside and outside threats by placing proper access controls on the network devices.

Intranet and Internet services to remote sites i.e. all external Community Colleges, BAU center are also provided and maintained by Network department.

The Network Department team’s responsibilities are:

  1. Studying building layouts, planning network topology.
  2. Conducting surveys for network upgrade projects.
  3. Update the linkage between the university center and the outside colleges by transferring the communication process from leased lines to fiber optic in order to improve the efficiency of the connection, and raise speed of the Internet in the outside colleges.
  4. Designing and implementing IP addressing schemes
  5. Installation, configuration and maintenance of all network devices over the BAU campus network.
  6. Providing intranet and Internet services to the remote locations.
  7. Video conference services.
  8. Troubleshooting network issues using proper tools LIKE Brocade BNA.
  9. External DNS AND DHCP Servers Administration
  10. Provide email services for both employee and students.
  11. Overall Cabling Management of the entire university and replacing faulty LAN Cables.