Training Department


The training department was established to design and implement ICT training sessions for students, employees, and local community to enhance their scientific and practical capability in the fields of information and communications technologies to improve productivity processes.


  1. To disseminate practical computer knowledge between different community spectrum inside and outside university.
  2. To train the university students onsoftware, hardware and networking to prepare them for labor market.
  3. To develop computer skills for the university staff and to raise their practical capability.
  4. To increase the financial revenues of the University through holding training courses.
  5. To increase cooperation between the university and local community in ICT fields.

Duties :

  1. To train the computer center staff on the latest technologies and developments in the field of ICT to enable them to do their duties efficiently.
  2. To hold training courses for students, staff and local community to develop their abilities in the areas to bridge the gap between university education and labor market.
  3. Conduct and supervise international computer driving license ICDL exams and training centers.
  4. To supervise and implement practical and field training sessions required by the university and other educational institutions to link the universities outcomes with the market needs.
  5. To follow up the latest technologies to design and implement new training courses.
  6. Conduct training workshops and seminars in cooperation with the specialized international companies, training centers and institutions to transfer new knowledge to the university.