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How to use you University Email ??

Staff are given an email address based on their name, normally in the format .

How to use your email for the first time.

1- Use this link or you can visit the website of the university and click on the link Bau Email .
2- To sign in to your mail box are required to enter your username and the password, when you enter your username just write your Alias Name.
for example: your email address is just enter test .
3- After you sign in, you can choose the language you want to use and the time zone.
4- You can add your signature to the end of an email to provide details to the recipient so that they know your job title, office hours and place of work etc. and have an easy reference to all your contact details. Use the below instructions to get your own signature:
a- Click on Options.
b- Click on See all Options.
c- Click on Settings.
d- Once you clicked on settings a page of your email signature will appear.
e- In the box you can write your private information.
f- Then click on save.
5- You can change your password of your email by clicking on:
  • Options.
  • Change your password.
  • Enter your current password.
  • Type a new password.
  • Then type it again to confirm it.
  • After saving you might need to re-enter your user name and password and sign in again. You'll be notified when your password has been changed successfully.
  • Note: you are required to choose a complex password that contains digits and characters. For example: bau@1980.
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