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Outlook 2010 Guide ??

System requirements: Windows

This document provides instruction on how to setup Outlook 2010 for BAU faculty and staff account use.
To setup or manage Outlook 2010 for BAU use, you must be connected to the BAU campus network or BAU wireless network.

Setup An Outlook Profile :

  • Click on the start Button on your desktop.

  • Go to Control Panel and Double Click on the Mail Icon.

  • Click on Show Profiles.

  • In the Mail window, click on the Add button.

  • When the New Profile window appears, name the profile and click OK.

  • In the Add New Account window, select Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click Next.

  • In the Choose Service screen of the Add New Account window, select Microsoft Exchange or compatible service and click Next.

  • In the Server Settings screen of the Add New Account window:

    a- Next to Server:, add the name EX10.bau.local.
    b- Uncheck Use Cached Exchange Mode if selected.
    c- Next to User Name:, enter your NetID. Do not enter your e-mail address.
    d- Click on the Check Name button.
    e- When prompted for a user name and password, enter your BAU ID and password and click OK.
    f- Outlook will contact the BAU Exchange server to find your account.
    g- If your profile is found, Outlook will underline the Server and user Name information. Click Next.
  • At the Congratulations screen of the Add New Account window, click Finished.

  • In the Mail window, you must decided how you want Outlook to start.

    a- Select the Always use this profile option.
    b- Select the profile that you want Outlook to use when started.
  • In the Mail window, click OK. You are now ready to use the profile when Outlook starts.
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